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Jim and Peach’s Great South Pacific Adventure

November 13, 2009


DSC_0467 peach blogI am new to this blogging thing, and I am learning as I go.  If I had more experience, or if I had thought this out better, I would have introduced the idea of our Great South Pacific Adventure before I started uploading posts about the trip.  I did a post about our Bucket List–that we have made a plan, and written it down  to visit certain places and see certain things (including Australia and Fiji–New Zealand was included because it is convenient and worthwhile on its own), but I really have not set the stage for the posts that will appear in the future.

I have written a journal for a long time–on an intermittent basis.  There have been periods of time where I have been faithful to the journal, and times that other things have taken priority (like an early morning tee time, or raking leaves, or Christmas shopping) and I haven’t opened the journal for months.  Since my morning routine includes a little computer time anyway to check email and Facebook and Twitter, it seemed natural to me to give up the paper journal, and blog a little each morning. 

I am writing about the trip because it is a good way to share pictures and stories with friends and family, who are interested in knowing about where we went and what we saw, but not so much that they want to sift through piles of printed photographs, or (horrors!) be invited to watch a dvd of all the pictures that we took.  Also, by writing about the places we visited, it disciplines me to sort and label the photos we took, so we won’t forget what we saw where.

I have always said that half the fun of a trip is planning the trip, so hopefully our stories and experiences will help others who are thinking about their own Great South Pacific Adventure, plan a trip that will work for them.  That is why I am including “Tips for Travelers”, so others can know what I wish I had known before we left the states.  And, I hope that people who read these blogs who have been places we have been or thinking about going to those places will leave comments and questions.  Because it is really fun to talk to others who have been to the same place, but seen different things or had different experiences. 

I would also like to hear from other bloggers about your blogging experience.  What works for you, and what doesn’t?  Why does a picture sometimes load upside down, and then you edit it and straighten it up, update your changes, and then it posts upside down?  Does this frustrate you as much as it does me? 

Thanks for reading my posts.  Please keep coming back, think about subscribing, and most importantly let me hear from you by posting comments.




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