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How I caught blog fever

May 17, 2009

DSC_0467      I have always enjoyed keeping a journal, especially when I travel.  Two years ago, we took a 6,000 mile road trip covering the western United States, and I thought I was being pretty high tech by journaling on a laptop–until the hard drive crashed, and we lost everything–photos, journal and all.  It wasn’t until the husband and I applied for The Best Job in the World that I came to appreciate the wonderful world of Blogging.  First, an amazing woman named Susie Parish created a Ning group for all the applicants at .    This provided a venue for all interested applicants to promote themselves for the job, share information about Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, and get to know each other.  It contained links to the Blogs of the candidates that had blogs, and some were really fun.  One of the first that caught my eye was by AnnyChih, a recent marketing graduate from Vancouver, who gave me advice on how to tweet–type, type, type.  Shawn Welch, a techie, engineer type who gradated from K State entertained his readers every Friday in his blog, The Aspiring Aussie, with facts about such topics as how to do a a Tim Tam slam, and the Australian delicacy Vegemite!  A fellow sailor, John Naylor, who lives aboard his sailboat in the Whitsunday Islands, not only blogs, but posts videos on his  convinced me that this is the way to record your thoughts, ideas, and travel memories.

Application photo for The Best Job in the World

Application photo for The Best Job in the World

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