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Why I don’t like B & B’s

November 10, 2009

  On our recent trip to Dunedin, New Zealand, I was reminded why I don’t like B & B’s.  We were driving from Queenstown, and entered the address of our hotel, Fletcher Lodge, into the GPS.  We had never been to Dunedin; we didn’t know where we were going, and we were having a difficult time just reading the road signs because we were driving on the left hand side of the road!  The GPS voice said, “approaching destination on left.”  We did not see any hotels–it was a residential neighborhood–and then we saw the sign–Fletcher Lodge.  “Oh, No!”  I said– “it’s  a B & B.”  

The property itself was really lovely–a large historic home that had been lovingly renovated, and charmingly furnished, so as far as B & B’s are concerned, it was really nice.  But, it was a B & B!  Some travelers love to stay in this type of accommodation, but we’re  just not B & B people. 

B & B’s seem to be located in quiet residential areas.  Give me a lobby bar for an after dinner drink, and a location that has a coffee shop on the corner, and restaurants within walking distance!  B & B’s tend to be in older buildings, with dim lighting and floors that creak, and I feel that I am disturbing the other guests just walking to my room–creak, creak goes the floor.  And then, there is the problem with morning coffee–Breakfast begins at 8 AM–there is no way I can wait until 8 AM for my first cup of coffee.  And, have you ever noticed how the owners hover as you move through the public rooms?  Like they are making sure that you don’t steal the silver coffee service. 

So, fellow travelers, what do you think?  What is your preference–downtown hotel or B & B?

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